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Facts On Two Of The Most Popular Sporting Event Trophies

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Sporting trophies are used to recognize the individual effort of players in a team and to acknowledge the winning team's achievements in a sporting event. They're also used to reward good sportsmanship.

There are several sporting trophies that are well-known by a large number of sporting enthusiasts. Here are a few interesting facts about two of the most popular sporting trophies in the world.

The FIFA World Cup Trophy

This is arguably the most popular sporting trophy in the world today. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that the FIFA World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world.

Soccer enthusiasts will be interested to know that the first world cup trophy was stolen in the year 1966, before it was recovered six days later. The Jules Rimet trophy was made of sterling silver that had been gold-plated. After its recovery, the trophy was stolen again in 1983 and is yet to be recovered to date.

The current world cup trophy was introduced into the competition following the theft of the Jules Rimet trophy. This trophy is 5 kilograms heavy and it is made of 18 carat gold. Soccer enthusiasts will find it interesting to know that the World Cup trophy is actually hollow.

Today, world cup champions are awarded a replica of the current trophy and not the original trophy. The replica is made of bronze and it is gold-plated as opposed to pure gold. Currently, the mentioned replica is in the hands of the Spanish national team that won the last world cup in 2010.

The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy

The ICC cricket world cup trophy is also a popular sporting trophy. The trophy that is currently in use was commissioned in 1999 for the cricket world championship that year.

This trophy has three slump-shaped silver columns that support a golden globe at the center. The golden globe and the three silver columns have a symbolic meaning. They globe represents a cricket ball and the silver columns represent the three most important aspects of the game. The three aspects are batting, bowling, and fielding.

Before the current cricket world cup trophy was commissioned, a different trophy was made for each world cricket championship.

The cricket world cup trophy also has a replica that is given to the winning team during world championships. The original trophy remains in the custody of the International Cricket Council.

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